GenWise TalentDev Pvt Ltd

Name: Vishnuteerth Agnihotri

Company Type: Corporate

Preferred Industries: Education

Brief Profile: Vishnuteerth Agnihotri (Vishnu) has a B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IITM (1991). He has as a diverse experience of 25 years in Educational Assessment, Development of e-learning solutions, Leadership Training, Consulting, Business Development, Project Management, and Performance Improvement. Currently he is co-founder of GenWise TalentDev ( India's first company focused on specialized programs for academically gifted school students. and works with multiple organizations. He is also the Team Lead- Values Learning in the UNESCO educational innovation award-winning project-Connected Learning Initiative X (CLIx)- a joint project between Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT). From 2005- 2015 Vishnu was at Educational Initiatives (EI), a leading player in the field of educational assessments and e-learning, Vishnu was Vice President- Assessments at EI and was involved in driving key strategies and decisions. During his tenure at EI, he headed various divisions- i) the test development team that develops ASSET and DA; ASSET is a diagnostic and benchmarking test and DA is a technology based formative diagnostic assessment service ii) the Mindspark development team that develops Mindspark- a personalized adaptive computer-based learning system iii) the Large Scale Assessments team that conducts large scale assessment-based research studies in both government and private schools. Prior to EI, Vishnu was a Senior Program Manager with i2 Technologies (now JDA), a leading global provider of software solutions. He has worked on several projects in India, and around the world- including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the US and China. His projects include prestigious implementations at companies like Fritolay and Suzuki.