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Synergy Teletech Pvt Ltd

Business Category: Energy

Startup Stage: Revenue Generation

Support Required: Funding Mentoring

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.


Executive Summary: We would like to introduce ourselves as India’s first fully automated On-Site refueling service provider. We deliver fuel on the premises of the customers for fueling their stationary equipments. We are a young team of dedicated individuals and our start up is headquartered in NOIDA, U.P. while our Biodiesel storage depot is based at Faridabad. At Faridabad, we have the facility to store 50 KL Biodiesel, the same is under expansion to have storage of 150 KL. Our start-up deals in Automated Fuel Delivery Service - "FillNow®" & offers revolutionary Biodiesel - "Synergy Green Diesel".

Market need: On-Site refueling in stationary equipments and gensets has been a grey area in India. The absence of any organized player in this field has left no other option for service seekers, but to manage on-site refueling by means of barrels and jerry cans. Un-necessary manpower is engaged for this unproductive activity and lot of time gets wasted every time fuel is being transported from petroleum retail outlet to end location. Current methodology is highly unsafe and has given birth to a number of problems, such as, oil spills, accidents, theft and pilferage and difficulty in reconciliation of bills. Practically, there is no assurance regarding the Q&Q of fuel delivered. In addition, burning of diesel for power generation results in emission of particulate matters and other pollutants and thereby contaminates the environment considerably. High resilience on fossil fuels and imported crude is hurting the economy which has also led the govt on targeting to cut crude imports by at least 10% by 2022.

Product/Service description: FillNow® is India’s oldest, most advanced Fully Automated refueling service that comes to the location of the stationary equipment and delivers fuel directly into it, on demand when the consumer needs it. It eliminates the need to store bulk fuel on site and all the problems with self-transporting & fueling the machinery. Now customers can order for fuel from a simple phone call or click/tap from their fingers, and get delivery to their premises most transparently. The Refueller designed by the company is technologically advanced, safe and is awaiting patent (Filed in 2012). Synergy Green Diesel is a revolutionary distilled grade Biodiesel conforming to BIS 15607:2016, made from Acid Oils, Palm Oil etc. It can be used as an alternative to Regular Diesel in existing Diesel engines. No modification is required on the engines to switch over from Diesel to Synergy Green Diesel, and can be used as a complete substitute or in any ratio of blending with regular diesel. It is extremely environment friendly, cheaper and lot better fuel than regular diesel. Because of the feedstock, distillation and top of the line manufacturing process, the product has excellent cold flow properties and does not get gelled even at 4oC. We have a capacity to supply more than 50 KL product daily.

Customers/Users: Diesel is used as a fuel for captive power generation by Mobile towers, MSMEs, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Offices, RWAs, Construction Sites etc. As per the study by Neilsen, approx 26% of diesel sold in the country is consumed in the Non-Transport sector. Any consumer who purchases fuel from Retail Outlet and carries it to end locations is our potential customer. Hence, the market is immensely scalable and due to absence of any competition, opportunity is huge.

Revenue Model: For Sale & delivery of Synergy Green Diesel: • Margins of approx. Rs 8.00 per litre sale • Delivery Convenience Fee • Enrolment Fee • Other Charges For delivery of Diesel: • Approx Rs 2 lakhs in fabrication of Refueller (Refuellers owned by Petroleum Dealers) • License fee of Rs 25,000/- per month per franchisee • AMC – Rs 5,000/-per month

Current traction: Currently supplying to more than 60 customers in NCR

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