Happy Reliable Surgeries Pvt. Ltd.'s Profile

Happy Reliable Surgeries Pvt. Ltd.

Business Category: Healthcare

Startup Stage: Revenue Generation

Support Required: Mentoring

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.

Website: www.hrsnavigation.com

Executive Summary: We are making complex surgeries (Brain & Spine) safer by providing computer assistance during surgery. The aim to is to make premium healthcare affordable & accessible for common people by “frugal innovations” We have proudly developed India’s first surgical navigation system for Brain & Spine. Currently globally less than 10 companies are successfully manufacturing it.

Market need: Surgical Navigation Systems Market worth 906.8 Million USD by 2021 :- https://www.marketsandmarkets.com/PressReleases/surgical-navigation-system.asp

Product/Service description: Surgical navigation is state of art technology used globally for making complex surgeries like brain, spine safer. It creates precise virtual 3D model of the patient from the CT/MRI data with all the information like tumor, blood vessels etc. It then provides real time visualization of surgeon’s instruments on the virtual 3D patient within 2 millimeter accuracy. It then provides live guidance to surgeon like a GPS device to precisely reach area of interest and avoiding damage to critical area

Customers/Users: Early adapter are Neuro surgeons in TIER 2 and 3 Cities followed by corporate hospitals in Tier 1 Cities. Some of our customer are Sunshine Hospital, Fortis Hospital, HCG Hospital etc. Also have international installation.

Revenue Model: Equipment Sales & Service at this point of time. Currently piloting other exciting business models also.

Current traction: 1000+ Complex surgeries had been done by the easyNav system. Excellent feedback for the system by national & international surgeons.

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Shweta Paliwal

HR & Quality Manager