Business Category: Customer Electronics Health & Welness Manufacturing Technology

Startup Stage: Revenue Generation

Support Required: Funding Mentoring Office Space Others

Fund requirement (): 40000000

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.

Executive Summary: Our venture aims to provide Water Generating machine which gives pure drinking mineral water at the cost of INR 30-60 paise per litre or potable water at an even lesser cost by using atmospheric water vapour to produce water. This product uses its unique architecture to condense this water vapour with the minimum use of refrigerant.

Market need: Growing Water scarcity has spawned huge markets for mineral water bottles, Treatment plants, Water purifiers and filters. The UN has published report that the demand for water doubles every twenty years while supply reduces by 10% With the impact of climate change making ground and surface water scarcer companies are looking to tap the atmosphere that holds 37.5 million billion gallons of water.

Product/Service description: Portable Model: For Travelers/soldiers/hikers (3 Liters/day very light) Family Model: Replaces the bubble top mineral water cans/RO Purifiers (10 to 100 Liters/day) Institutional Model: Schools, Colleges,Hospitals, etc.(100 to 1000 Liters/day) Agriculture/Industrial Model: For farmer communities or larger Industries (1000 to 10000 Liters/day)

Customers/Users: Homes Institutions Agriculturists Industries Large Communities

Revenue Model: 1) Revenue is targeted through sale of machines to both Domestic as well as industrial users 2) Subscription Model (providing water as a service) 3) Sale of water (Bubble can/ Water bottles)

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