Repair My Mobile (WeJoy Phonofix Pvt Ltd)'s Profile

Repair My Mobile (WeJoy Phonofix Pvt Ltd)

Business Category: B2B Customer Electronics Data Analytics Marketplace Online Business Portal

Startup Stage: Revenue Generation

Support Required: Funding Mentoring Office Space Others

Fund requirement (): 2500000

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.


Executive Summary: Repair My Mobile is aggregator of Mobile repair shop all over India. We provide the marketplace to buy / sell mobile repair parts for technician. They can also sell the mobile e waste and get the training solution from the portal.

Market need: Current market needs are as follows : 1. A unified platform for a fragmented industry. 2. Much needed support for technicians to learn, network and grow. 3. Strengthen the supply side of the ‘Mobile mending’ industry. 4. Address the gaps and the handicaps which range from Geography and Language to Software and Hardware.

Product/Service description: Repair My Mobile provide solution through App / Website Following are the service provided 1. Marketplace to buy / sell parts 2. Sell Mobile E-waste 3. Mobile repair training and support 4. Customer referal

Customers/Users: Following are the customer 1. Mobile repair technician 2. Mobile users

Revenue Model: Revenue model are as follows 1. Ads 2. Subscription 3. Parts selling 4. Market research solution

Current traction: On website 1.5 lakh visitor per month.