DeHaat ( Green Agrevolution Pvt Ltd )'s Profile

DeHaat ( Green Agrevolution Pvt Ltd )

Business Category: Agriculture

Startup Stage: Revenue Generation

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.

Executive Summary: DeHaat is a tech based platform to provide end to end agricultural services to Indian farmers - right from "Seed to Market". At the same time, it brings transparency and efficiency in the agri vale chain while offering 'Direct access to farmers" to agri stakeholders - agri input companies, output buyers, financial institution.

Market need: India has more than 100 million farmers who don't have access to quality value chain services for their various agricultural requirement like agri input, crop advisory, market linkage of farm produce, insurance, credit and equipment. Secondly they have to rely on multiple channels for various requirements and hence net income from agriculture of one farmer's household is mere INR 70,000 per year. On the other end, agri stakeholders like output buyers or input companies have to go through multiple layers of intermediaries and don't have direct access to farmers which brings lot of inefficiencies in the whole value chain.

Product/Service description: DeHaat is one stop solutions for Indian farmers which offers entire 360 degree agri services to farmers at their doorstep. Farmers get access to quality agri input ( seed, fertiliser, crop protection), customised crop advisory and market linkage of farm produce through DeHaat. Consequently farmers experience 30-50% increment in their net income from agriculture.

Customers/Users: a) 50,000+ farmers households in eastern India b) Platform has 450+ Input SKUs directly from players like UPL, IIL, PHI, Bayer, Yara and many more c) 75+ bulk buyers including ITC, Godrej, Spencers, NCML

Revenue Model: a) Market linkage of farm produce b) Sale & distribution of agri input c) Subscription for input-output companies

Current traction: Approximately 50,000 farmers are currently active with DeHaat for their day to day queries related to input-advisory-output. On an average our monthly traction is worth of INR 3.5 Cr.

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