MOBILE SOLAR GENERATOR (M/s Aton Rural Development Pvt Ltd)'s Profile

MOBILE SOLAR GENERATOR (M/s Aton Rural Development Pvt Ltd)

Business Category: Energy Renewable Energy

Startup Stage: Pilot Launch

Support Required: Funding Mentoring Office Space Others

Fund requirement (): 100000000

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.


Executive Summary: Aton Rural Development Pvt. Ltd. is a complete 360 degree turnkey solar solution provider company in India. We introduce ourselves as technology-driven enterprise. The company strives to be the world leader in solar energy system and products. It is the name of trust, having years of experience in various fields. Our sister companies have been serving India with plastic technology and inverter technology from past decades. We are a team of compassionate professionals leveraging our knowledge and experience to develop solar power projects in India. We offer customized solar solution translating into the most flexible and cost effective services of the highest quality for our customers. We are a R&D focused company with our own full-fledged testing lab. We also have a solar room at our head office in Greater Noida to make people believe about the benefits of the solar energy.

Market need: In many developing economies, agriculture is mainly dependent on rains the local water bodies for irrigation for which manually or mechanically driven hand pumps and bore wells are used but due to their low productivity, these are being replaced by electricity driven pumps, which again due uncertainty in regular availability are losing their utility. Solar pumps provided some solution but their high cost of initial investment, immobility and low utility is making them too infeasible. The startup aims to Liberate Indian farmers from dependency of electricity supply, by providing alternative sources of Energy using natural resources Provide by cost effective, secured solution to meet their need of power supply to run Irrigation pumps and allied agricultural machinery . Provide 24x7 mobile home lighting system using natural resources

Product/Service description: The start up aims to solve the problem through mobile, multiple user friendly mobile solar generator & Pump. It has developed a unique mobile solar power plant of capacity upto 5 KW capable to run irrigation pumps, home lighting, supply power to small scale rural industries like handlooms, cyber hubs and schools . Patent for the product has already been applied for. Trolley based Solar power generation system (our solution) provides cost effective, efficient & eco-friendly solution, overcoming all the issues faced by earlier solutions explained above. It increased the mobility as well the utility by integrating the solar based water pumping system and power generation system on a mobile trolley. The integrated system is equipped with solar panels capable to produce upto 3 KW of green energy which is used to run a solar pump directly through a innovative control device and can also be used to power electrical systems upto 3HP of energy consumption through a versatile battery based storage system. USP of the solution is uniquely inclined placement of solar panels for optimized generation of solar power, a unique control devise to run solar pumps directly linking with solar power without routing through battery storage system. The human machine interface of the system is so user friendly so that anyone can operate it without prior training. The system is multi-use & multifunctional capable to run a solar irrigation pump, provide home electrification, operate utility equipment like sewing machine and Wheat mill and operate Agri-equipment to be used in fields. The system has easy key and lock security feature as well.

Customers/Users: Our product is a thing of all people of every category. BPL households can buy our product on sharing basis, while middle class can afford to buy it individually. We have something for everyone.

Revenue Model: The startup plans to commercialize its innovative product by selling it through the system of Gram Panchayats, through channels of Block Development Officer and Governmental agencies engaged in development & welfare of villages , providing them community based solution of mobile solar power. By displaying and exhibiting our products in national and international media and exhibitions in off grid countries like African countries and offgrid areas of America. Agro-based industries and High net worth individuals operating in rural belt of the country will be individually approached through marketing network developed by company and also by advertising through Print, electronic and digital media. Micro-financial institutions operating in rural sector including rural banks like NABARD will be approached to develop a specialized financing scheme to fund the procurement of the product and also to act as community purchasers in their local area of operations as enablers to provide product to multiple users. Through dealership network in off grid and remote areas with the help of local advertisement. We shall also appoint some KOL (Key Opinion Leader) in rural areas who will be promoting our product. Various corporates shall be our customers. They will purchase our product to fulfil their CSR requirement. We have some of our present clients who are corporates or friends with corporates. We shall be using them for our benefit. We shall also be acquiring small and poor farmers using franchise network, which we have created in selected cities. Our franchises shall be giving the product on rent to the small farmers. These variants shall be fitted with a prepaid meter to get control on payment.

Current traction: Company incorporated on 28th April 2016 Startup India and MSME registration Product successfully designed and prototyped Applied for patent at Indian Patent Office CII awarded as top 10 most promising startup ISO certification done successfully Product is successfully tested on field Bagged orders for solar rooftop projects Got IEC certificate and UP export promotion board reg. Selected for Smart fifty top 400 startups in India Completed 5 crore worth solar rooftop projects with 2 crore worth of projects in progress Lab testing of product applied at NISE Successfully designed and prototyped different variants

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