Krishworks Technology and Research Labs's Profile

Krishworks Technology and Research Labs

Business Category: Education

Founding Year: 2015

Startup Stage: Revenue Generation

Support Required: Funding Mentoring Office Space Others

Fund requirement (): 20000000

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.


Executive Summary: Krishworks helps rural micro-entrepreneurs set up their own after-school English centers to teach children how to communicate in English , through tablet based software.

Market need: Today, English is needed everywhere, like for filling up forms, for using computers, and for official purposes (banks) to name a few instances. Every industry trying to automate their processes use English as their benchmark. This poses a huge barrier in villages where there are no adequate quality options to enhance English language skills. Currently, 75% of the school going children in rural areas in class 3 cannot read at their grade level. Of the 25% who can, only about 50% can comprehend what they read. They don’t receive the quality English education they need because of the following reasons - lack of teacher qualification, lack of teacher motivation, lack of environment and opportunities, and lack of English speaking skills of the teacher.

Product/Service description: We have made tablet based application software that is being used by teachers and students in villages inside their classrooms to read, write and communicate in English. Using this software, we create rural micro-entrepreneurs, who uses our system to build a profitable, after-school activity center in their village.

Customers/Users: We are serving 2 types of customers - For entrepreneurs - A rural youth who is entrepreneurial and is looking out for an additional source of income, or an affordable private school who wants to upgrade their offerings to the parents at a low cost. For the program, our customers are parents of primary school children (Grades 1-8) who want their children to become fluent in English.

Revenue Model: We charge a franchise fee from the entrepreneurs, and a share of their monthly revenue.

Current traction: We’ve conducted pilots in 17 villages across 3 states, Karnataka, West Bengal and Hyderabad, and we currently have 2 full fledged centers in the Sunderbans area in West Bengal, with 85 children enrolled so far.

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