Brickcells Technologies Private Limited's Profile

Brickcells Technologies Private Limited

Business Category: Agriculture

Founding Year: 2016

Startup Stage: Revenue Generation

Support Required: Funding Mentoring Office Space Others

Fund requirement (): 2000000

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.


Executive Summary: Brickcells Technologies Pvt.Ltd provides a unique, sustainable and profitable solution to address various problems faced by the fish farmers. The Company works to reduce the cost of production with its humified natural,non-chemical, bio-active nutrient-cum-pond conditioner which satisfies multiple parameters of aquaculture such as increasing yield of fish,controlling pond pollution due to dissolved harmful gases,controlling fish diseases and mass mortality of fishes by eradicating harmful algal bloom and increasing immunity of fishes.

Market need: Aqual culture has gain a special attention for better livelihood to the rural community as well as to meet the protein demand of the nation,accordingly the conventional practice of fish farming is now aday days shifting to semi intensive and intensive fish culture to meet the growing demand of fishes . excessive load of fish, feed,chemicals,excreta of aquatic organism can detoriated fish pond environment even in avery short run ,causing fish diseases,mass mortality of fishes. according to the feed back from the end user ,the market need is increasing rapidly,because there is no such solution available in the market which would be capable to solve all the problems altogether by a single,easy to use and cost effective product.

Product/Service description: we have been utilizing the benefits of vermi-technology, enriched pure worm-cast of particular origin blended with pro-biotics, phytohormones ,humic acid from natural resources ;producing the final product named HUMIC FEED-O-FERT

Customers/Users: our customers are mainly fish farmers.

Revenue Model: we earned our revenue by direct selling,selling via sales agents to the fish farmers.

Current traction: we have been successfully solving several problems related to aquaculture. our product HUMIC FEED-O-FERT provides rapid planktonic bloom (within 72 hours after application without hampering the ecology of the pond water body,nutrilising harmful and polluted dissolved gases like hydrogen sulfide,ammonia,controlling harmful algal bloom like green dot algae,filamentous algae,balance pH of the water body,enhance diffusion of dissolved oxygen in the water body,controlling fish diseases,increasing vitality to the growing fishes,increase yield and reducing cost of production. currently we are distributing our product in district Nadia,North 24 PGS,Hoogly,Burdwan and Maldah. total turn over till date is Rupees 25.1 lack

Promoters' Information

Sunandan Mukherjee


Tushar Kanti Basu

certificate course on vermitechnology

Sandipan Mukherjee