ONganic Foods Pvt Ltd's Profile

ONganic Foods Pvt Ltd

Business Category: Agriculture

Founding Year: 2015

Startup Stage: Revenue Generation

Support Required: Funding Mentoring

Fund requirement (): 30000000

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.


Executive Summary: ONganic has developed a Farm to Fork ecsystem for Organic Food by supporting farmers to grow 33 kinds of organic produce (including – Rice, Pulses, Flour, Oil and spices) and then buying, processing and packaging it as per consumer requirements and selling it through wholesale and retail channels. So far ONganic has : • trained 100 + farmers • reached upto 9 villages. • presence in B2B - Spencers, Bigbasket, Rainbow Holding, Sahaaj Aaharam,Golden organic,Cropconnect, Healthy organic,Kabuli wala, Dhatu organic etc. • presence in B2C- 100+ families.

Market need: There has been a 200x increase in the cost of cultivation since 1970 without proportionate increase in price of agriculture commodities. Farmers do not receive appropriate returns for their produce, and often face uncertainty due to changing weather conditions, fluctuating markets, etc. Organic farming proves an ideal solution, which can significantly bring down the cost of cultivation, and help revive the soil. This gives farmers access to premium markets, and market information ensures that farmer make an informed decision on what to grow. On the other end, food contamination and adulterations is a really big challenge for urban consumers.

Product/Service description: ONganic has 105 small farmers and 95 hectares under NPOP certification. Organic Products - ONganic offers unique products of West Bengal including Rice, Spices, Oil Seeds & Pulses. Contract Farming - ONganic works with companies to grow organic produce as per requirements including rice, oil seeds, spices, herbs, pulses, etc Consultancy Services - Organic Training and Certification

Customers/Users: B2B - Approx 20 Bulk customers nationally including Rainbow Organic, Crop Connect, Dhatu Organic, Sriram Foods, Sahaj Aaharam, etc B2C - 100 families across Kolkata

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