Momos On Wheels's Profile

Momos On Wheels

Business Category: F&B

Founding Year: 2015

Startup Stage: Revenue Generation

Fund requirement (): 10000000

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.


Executive Summary: MOMOS ON WHEELS is a fast growing street food chain at Siliguri and Darjeeling and serves steamed food like different types of MOMO and other Mongolian delicacies like Taipo and Thukpa. It creates micro level businessmen through its MOMO vending cart and is the only successful manufacturer and supplier of frozen MOMO approved by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. In recent times MOMO or Dimsum or Dumplings has gained huge popularity in entire nation and abroad and it also has the same huge potential to contribute the economical growth of our nation. But, unfortunately in many places it is served in an unhealthy and unhygienic manner. Momos on Wheels serve healthy, hygienic, safe and tasty food by maintaining the highest hygiene standards and are constantly working to make the MOMO experience more attractive. Their vision is to serve authentic, healthy and best Himlayan delicacy to all households. MOMOS ON WHEELS not only provides a good option of healthy and hygienic food on roads but also generates huge employment. They have created micro level businessman from most unwanted and abandoned part of our society like closed tea gardens, orphanage, ex criminal and ex sex workers.

Product/Service description: MOMOs - such as chicken momo, Coconut Prawn momo, palak paneer momo, sweet corn cheese momo, Thupka and Taipo. Some of their salient features are as follows: 1. Quality product of Darjeeling. 2. 100% germ Free. 3. 100% processed. 4. MSG (Monosodium glutamate)is NOT added. 5. Trans fat free. 6. They use RO and UV treated water. 7. FSSAI approved food .

Revenue Model: They are giving franchise and earning revenue by directly selling to customers. They are also trying to collaborate with big retail outlets to sell their frozen momos .

Current traction: Presently they have more than 60 vending carts running around Siliguri, darjeeling Kolkata , North 24 pgs , Burdwan & Durgapur . They are going to launch their carts at Bihar and Odisa very soon .They also supply momos to some schools in Darjeeling.