Shambhala Food Products Private Limited's Profile

Shambhala Food Products Private Limited

Business Category: F&B

Founding Year: 2015

Startup Stage: Revenue Generation

Fund requirement (): 10000000

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.


Executive Summary: We are building up an revolution in the street food segment where we are catering our food with utmost hygienic cover maintaining all the norms implied by International Food Safety Council also contributing immensely towards Socio - Economic development of the society through creating income opportunity.

Market need: According to a study jointly done by Kolkata Municipal Corporation and All India Institute If Hygiene And Public Health in 2011 on street food at Kolkata says that a working class commuter spends Rs 400/- per month on an average for having food on street. Hence, one can easily calculate what a huge potential this business has towards earning revenue for the Government. But, sadly Central and State Government is not getting any direct TAX / Revenue from the entire business. Government do not have any direct control or monitoring on the business presently also Government do not have any organised monitoring on the food hygiene and food safety on street food segment.

Product/Service description: As Momo is a very healthy as a food and popular all over globally we have chosen it for the same. Also since we are based from the North Eastern part of our Country Darjeeling to be precise which is almost a birth place of MOMO in India it is easier for us to cater the most authentic stuff from our kitchen. We also make sure that the food is served in a most hygienic way in the street for which we have developed specially designed and branded Tri - Cycle vending carts which also help to maintain the hygiene and zero pollution in the street as well as promote our brands nation wide. We have produced Frozen Momo first time in India with a self life of 12 months maintaining all Govt. rules & regulations and certifications like FSSAI, ISO 22000:2005, HALAL and HACCP . We have came up with this idea so that we could maintain quality, taste, nutritional value and hygiene of the products round the year also it will bring down the cost of starting new business point in different locations.

Customers/Users: Our Customers are vast and could be segregated in different levels as under; 1. New Startups 2. Hotel & Restaurant Owners 3. Institutions 4. Most importantly general public in the streets.

Revenue Model: We are giving franchise and earning revenue by directly selling Momo Vending Carts and Products (Momo & other allied products) to Franchise's. We are also trying to collaborate with big retail outlets to sell them our frozen momos and other allied products.

Current traction: As you might see our strong base is basically in Eastern part of our Country since we have focused mainly on this part. In coming fiscal we will expand and focus on Northern part of our Country. We also export our products to Bhutan. National Location: West Bengal Bihar Orissa Assam Meghalaya Mizoram Nagaland Manipur Tripura We largely export all our food products to the Kingdom of Bhutan and all our food products are highly appreciated by the people of Bhutan.

Promoters' Information

Mr Debayan Biswas

Graduate in Journalism and Mass Communications