5C Network's Profile

5C Network

Business Category: Healthcare

Founding Year: 2015

Startup Stage: Revenue Generation

Support Required: Mentoring

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.

Website: www.5cnetwork.com

Executive Summary: 5C will be the catalyst to radiology ecosystem, through its Teleradiology 2.0, that is, a network of expert radiologists, helping hospitals and diagnostic centres get access to the best specialist radiologist for optimal and timely diagnosis, while allowing radiologists to focus on complex cases and automate basic and trivial cases.

Market need: The right diagnosis is three-fourths the remedy. Small hospitals and diagnostic centres today do not have the same diagnostic capability as large corporate as they do not have access to specialist radiologists. This reduces diagnostic quality, healthcare quality, and increases turn around times for patients. 5C is looking to address this problem in a data and technology-driven model.

Product/Service description: 5C runs www.5cnetwork.com, which is an online portal that brings together the best radiologists in the country along with cutting edge technology, and allows hospitals and diagnostic centres to upload scans directly to the expert panel in the fastest way. 5C is focused on providing superspecialist interpretations for every scan while building technology to make this faster and more accurate, and in the future, automatic.

Customers/Users: 5C's has a strong client base of 200+ hospitals and diagnostic centres across the country.

Current traction: 5C is India's fastest growing and premier diagnostic network, doing more than 45,000 interpretations every month. 5C has saved more than 7,50,000 hours of waiting time and given more than 4,00,000 patients access to quality healthcare through quality diagnosis, something they never had access to before.

Promoters' Information

Syed S Ahmed

Head - Operations