Magasool Agro Pvt Ltd's Profile

Magasool Agro Pvt Ltd

Business Category: Agriculture

Founding Year: 2015

Startup Stage: Pilot Launch

Support Required: Funding Mentoring

Fund requirement (): 5000000

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.


Executive Summary: Magasool Agro Pvt Ltd is an asset-light fully vertically integrated business for production, processing and marketing of dry-land crops. 450,000 tonnes of small millets (Michael Raj and Shanmugam 2013, Agriculture Statistics Division) are produced in India annually. Most of it marketed through channels that squeeze farmer profits and simultaneously derive large profits from the end customer. Magasool Agro Private Ltd aims to capture and improve a large share of the dry-land-crop value chain. One of their first goal is to bring the benefits of value addition of food processing to dry land farmers. Magasool’s vision is to run this business model throughout India in 10 years and scale up using franchise based models, taking care to incorporate scientific farming techniques, social learnings, and a wider network of young farmers and agricultural innovators and researchers. In 2014-15 they have reached out to more than 1000 farmers and farm through personalised services in mechanized paddy transplantation, vermicomposting, soil-health improvement and kitchen gardening.

Product/Service description: Magasool will generate value for farmers and end consumers of millets and pulses through high quality procurement and processing. We will create a new market segment for our "pesticide free" products priced between the ultra-premium organic and regular brands.

Customers/Users: Our customers will be small and medium stores and end customers in urban and peri-urban areas.

Revenue Model: B2B and B2C sale of millets, pulses and flour.

Current traction: Pilot with 5 farmers and 20 retailers completed in 2015

Promoters' Information

Jayaram Venkatesan

Founder Arappor, Founder Magasool