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SunQulp Tech pvt. ltd.

Business Category: Healthcare

Startup Stage: Pilot Launch

Support Required: Funding

Fund requirement (): 5000000

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.


Executive Summary: SunQulp Tech is a healthcare startup based on an assisitve tech hardware product named SmartVest which is world's first of its wearable assisted navigation device for the visually impaired people, giving a real time spoken guidance. The longer aim with the version-2 of the device is to make it a one stop solution for all the outdoor needs of a visually imapired person, staring from basic navigation to grocery shopping, recognising people faces, currency notes, read road signs and even texbooks someday. With our customers being NGOs, goverment thorugh its welfare distributions, Blind, VI & old age individuals and thier relatives the aim is to target the global assistive tech market, acuiqiring a meaningful market share in the first 5 years of the market launch. Starting with India after establishing the solution in various Indian cities creating its own strong niche and brand, the plan is to go global, as such effective, useful and totally unique solution have an international appeal , consequently capturing the Global Assistive Market and putting India on worldmap of assistive solution sector

Market need: Outdoor navigation is becoming a harder task for the blind and visually impaired people in the increasingly complex urban world. The infrastructural solutions available for navigation of the blind is not sufficiently accessible and are heavily underdeveloped. Meanwhile, the size of the problem is huge considering the effected number of people, for instance, there are more than 3.2 crore Blind people in India alone, which is more then the total population of a small country like Nepal. Total number of visually impaired people requiring assistance in navigation is more than 7 crore. India is considered as the Blind capital of the world and more than 40% of visually impaired people live in India. Globally the number of visually impaired people are 500M+ The current solutions used are not useful, with a lot of functional disadvantages as all of them are hand-held, single sensor mount difficult to hold devices, relying on vibrational & haptic feedback, for notifying the user about any obstacle in their path. There are a lot of functional disadvantages of current solution, for example- line of sight and alignment issues with hand held devices ( stick needed to be kept straight at all times), and lack of an intuitive feedback.

Product/Service description: SmartVest is a real time speech-guided wearable assistive device for the outdoor navigation of the Blind & Visually Impaired people, being first of its kind in the world to give a spoken output (it speaks with the user and helps them avoid obstacles in their path, unlike any other solutions available ). The user can wear it and go outdoor with a hassle free and effective assistance in outdoor commutes. SmartVest improves upon all of the underlying issues of the current solutions and offers a better suited navigation solution in terms of giving the real -time audio feedback for obstacle detection and notifying. Meanwhile being a wearable device which is much easier to use and practical for usage, making it a one-stop-solution giving all the features present in the low-cost Indian products to the costlier international products and a better output and overall functionality. It is Planned to be in form of a wearable Vest (custom-made, more like a harness or police vests) fitted with multiple ultrasonic sensors (at front and backside), a speaker & a central circuitry on a PCB mounted with the designed circuit along with a microcontroller The device works as the following, the sensors scan for any obstacles in the vicinity of the user and report its location (distance & direction) to the central circuit where it is converted into an audio signal which is then spoken out to the user a small speaker. So the user can simply wear it and go for the commute. The sensors keeps scanning for any obstacle in both direction, Covering the user for 10 Feet in each direction (works for, Front & Backside of the user) There is also an Alert Action setup for the emergency cases, like something coming very close to the user (less than 2 feet) or if a body approaches very rapidly to the user (like a vehicle or a person) The differentiation & advantage of SmartVest is that 1. It gives real time spoken output to user for navigation. (One of its kind in world) 2. Easy to use device with more range i.e. being wearable , working in two direction (front & back) with range 10-15 feet 3. Additional features like live text-reading, Optical camera setup for object recognition and image processing GPS & interactive internet searches with microphone inputs, hence aiming towards being a one stop solution for the Blind & Visually Impaired people. 4. Low cost and at par with all the national and international substitutes, offering more value and features within a low budget. (retail price 5 & 10k for 2 versions)

Customers/Users: The target users of the device are the Blind and visually impaired people in India and worldwide, whereas considering the current stage, for starting out the initial target users are planned to be working, studying , outgoing and regularly commuting Blind and visually impaired males from tier 1-3 cities. Whereas the customers and clients could be the visually impaired individuals, their relatives and close ones, Blind hospitals, Eyecare institutions, government ministry, NGO and other welfare bodies as well as commercial eye care brands etc.

Revenue Model: The primary source of income is similar to any other hardware product i.e. through the product sales. The plan is to target eyecare hospitals, brands & institutions, govt. welfare institutions, NGOs etc. for B2B sales, as well selling directly to the users or their relatives through online and offline B2C methods. The target users of the device are the Blind and visually impaired people in India and worldwide, whereas considering the current stage, for starting out the initial target users are planned to be working, studying , outgoing and regularly commuting Blind and visually impaired males from tier 1-3 cities.

Current traction: Currently, having a working product ready & tested on 25 + Blind people out of certain NGOs in Bangalore, the plan is to test the device on at least 100 blind people before preparing a market ready product and launching into the market within this year.