Business Category: Automobile Energy Hardware Internet of Things Renewable Energy Services Technology

Startup Stage: Proof of Concept/Prototype

Support Required: Funding

Fund requirement (): 20000000

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.


Executive Summary: TDCOB Pvt. Ltd. started in 2021 and planned to work in Embedded domain in India for most innovative, challenging and required technologies in India as a service provider and E-mobility product development. We are working for BLDC Motor Controller, mm Wave Technologies and solar based E-Vehicle Charging System as a Product of TDCOB. We provide services for Schematic Design, PCB Design, BOM Creation, design and development of critical electronics for Aero-Defence products. BLDC Controller can be used for E-Bike, E-Cycle, E-Rikshaw and other moving medical equipment in market. The Electric Vehicle industry in India is far behind due to lack of development of E-Bike Motor Controller and Driver as almost all electronics device for E-Bike is import from China and other countries. Most of the electrical vehicle uses BLDC Motor which has application in E-Vehicles, Missile Fins and many precise rotary medical types of Equipment. Most of the Electrical Vehicles/Missile Fins/ Rotary Medical Equipments use BLDC Motor controller which import from other countries specially China. E-Vehicles or Petrol based vehicle or Drones making accident in normal environment or rainy or foggy or night condition. Normal IR or LASER based accident prevention system can not work in all environmental condition. mm wave radar based target detection technology totally new in India and few organization working on this technology. This technology also will be used in E-Vehicles, general automotive industries and drones for Aerospace/Defense Technologies. Mm wave technology also in testing phase. So E-Mobility with mm wave based accident detection can solve E-Vehicle Manufacturing and accident issues in North India during fog and rainy season.

Market need: Every E-Bike, E-Cycle, E-Rikshaw now days driving with BLDC Motor, Battery, BLDC Motor Controller with few other accessories. TDCOB targeting for BLDC Motor controller for all kind of BLDC based equipment used for E-Bike, E-Cycle, E-Rikshaw, moving medical equipments, Defence equipments and others. Similarly mm wave based radar is new in India and no one working on this technologies for automotive industries. Mm wave based radar can be used as a accident prevention system for all kind of whether conditions for automobile.

Product/Service description: Product Description: 1. BLDCMCON • Powerful automotive microcontroller. • Fast PWM to achieve very high efficiency. • Suitable for 3 Phase BLDC motors with Hall sensor feedbacks • Voltage monitoring on power supply. • Current sense on all 3 motor phases. • Current control loop. • Over current protection. • Low voltage protection. • Battery protection: Shutdown at low battery voltage. • Rugged aluminum housing for maximum heat dissipation and harsh environment. • Rugged high current terminals, and rugged connectors • Up to 1600 electric RPM standard. (Electric RPM = mechanical RPM * motor pole pairs). • Easy installation: • Easy to use. Services: • Schematic Design, • PCB Design, • BOM Creation, • Design and development of Microcontroller, FPGA based design for Automotive, Aero-Defence products, • Accounting