Riyum Innovations Pvt Ltd's Profile

Riyum Innovations Pvt Ltd

Business Category: Art Education

Startup Stage: Revenue Generation

Support Required: Funding

Fund requirement (): 5000000

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.

Website: www.riyum.in

Executive Summary: Making Industrial Screen Printing available for anyone. We provide advance level screen printing courses, innovative and proprietary multi color portable screen printing machine to help young entrepreneurs, designers and artist to print their own merchandise from home.

Market need: In t-shirt printing, screen printing is the industry standard globally. However it is very difficult to learn the art professionally for someone who is just starting out. The reason being there are no proper training institute which inspires to teach on advance level courses, and machines are bulky and expensive. Due to which many upcoming and existing entrepreneurs and designers outsource their t-shirt printing. By doing this, they end up with lots of death stock, not able to do sampling every time and unable to control the quality.

Product/Service description: We sell screen printing machines, courses, inks and accessories through our website and offline. We innovated the all in one multi color and portable screen printing machine that can print HD quality print of any images. With our 10 years of experiences we offer advance level screen printing courses.

Customers/Users: 80% of our customers are designers and clothing brand owners. Out of which 40% are existing brand owners and the remaining are going to start their own clothing brand. 20% of our customers are entrepreneurs who has or going to start a t-shirt customization service in their state.

Revenue Model: We are a B2B company generating revenue from our courses, machines & equipments, and inks & stationaries.

Current traction: - Generated Revenue of 7.5 Lakhs in 8 months of operation. - Trained more then 20 entrepreneurs from northeast India and Odisha. - Sold 9 machines. - Helped 9 individuals to start their own business and generated more then 10 livelihood.

Promoters' Information

Ricky Yumlembam

Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, Singapore

Cholita Narzary

MBA in Management, HR and Marketing, Assam