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MyyTake ESG

Business Category: Communication Digital Media Marketing Marketplace Media and Entertainment

Startup Stage: Proof of Concept/Prototype

Fund requirement (): 15000000

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.


Executive Summary: A content-tech platform to empower the youth for climate action & social inclusion. Ours is a user-powered content platform that nurtures the goodness in YOUth. We empower the ESG community with engaging goodness content, challenges, games and wisdom. • The users will find space to band together to bring change • Corporates/NGOs/Government will be able to further their ESG reputation and brand value while reaching conscious customers

Market need: • No unified content platform for Climate action and social inclusion. • No motivation for content creators in this areas. • Scattered information and opportunity for people to engage with social good and sustainable activities. There is no focussed platform that helps them connect, interact and act to create a better world.

Product/Service description: A video-first mobile app (with website functionality as secondary portal) that brings together well-known social media functionalities and video creator tools to empower climate action oriented users to create content. The platform goes beyond content to also engage with Goodness games, loyalty programmes and a marketplace.

Customers/Users: Market Size: The AUM of ESG-based funds are Rs 12,300 crore. Further, 300 Indian Companies spent Rs.12180 Cr. in FY20-21 on CSR. With continued focus on ESG, the market is bound to grow exponentially. Market Segment: Tier1, 2 & 3 cities in India

Revenue Model: Monetization via: • Ad Revenue through multiple inventories and formats • Product & Service referral driven affiliate revenue • Sponsorship revenue from Campaigns & Events • ESG-linked products & services: Advisory, Subscription and Service Fee

Current traction: • We are in the Proof-of-Concept stage • MVP under development

Promoters' Information

Saurav Banerjee

Saurav has trained with PwC in their Global Capital Market Group. He did the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School.