Bikozee Ecotech Pvt. Ltd.'s Profile

Bikozee Ecotech Pvt. Ltd.

Business Category: Logistics SaaS Transportation

Startup Stage: Revenue Generation

Fund requirement (): 5000000

Structure of the Company: PVT Ltd.


Executive Summary: Bikozee is a social enterprise providing third party logistics solutions to hyperlocal digital SME’s and corporate bike taxi services on electric mobility. Unemployed youth from economically marginalised communities are empowered with electric vehicles and onboarded as trained logistics service executives providing affordable, reliable and ecological last mile logistics solutions

Market need: Last mile logistics is a huge challenge for most small and medium digital businesses providing home delivery services to their customers, the air pollution caused by the last mile delivery segment along with management of affordable and reliable fleet with quality and trained service professionals is the need we are trying to address with our solution.

Product/Service description: Electric mobility as a service providing third party logistics services with API integration feature for small and medium businesses to adopt sustainable logistics.

Customers/Users: Our target customers are small and medium digital businesses offering home delivery services to their end customers, these SME's are from various sectors like food delivery, Grocery delivery, Pharmaceutical delivery and other essential services. These clients reach out to their customers through various channels like social media, website and applications. 80% of our existing clients are cloud kitchens, Home bakers, Dark Stores and 20% is corporate bike taxi subscribers.

Revenue Model: The revenue model has 2 sources. 1. Logistics services to B2B clients - Delivery charges per order at average shipping charge of Rs. 60 for a average delivery distance of 7Km) Priced at Rs.10.80 per Km, with base price of Rs. 35 upto 3 Km. 2. Monthly subscription charges of Rs. 3000 for corporate bike taxi services.

Current traction: We have completed more than 15000 deliveries in first year with a total revenue of 10 Lakhs during pilot stage. The pilot was done in Guwahati with a fleet of 10 electric vehicles and onboarding more than 30+ paying businesses which has outsourced their logistics services. Few of our clients are using our services more than a year and the software has been developed based on the feedback and requirement of the clients. Expected revenue for the next 12 months is Rs. 120 Lakhs with 100 vehicles on fleet.

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